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Spooky Halloween Home Decor Figurines

So the title says spooky… but we gotta start off with this super silly yellow/orange character first! How cute is he! It looks like he pulled a prank on his friends and now they are all angry with him!

Ok, now back to the spooky characters. We have a creepy clown figurine, a devil and a creepy monster demon. Each character is about 4 – 4.5 inches tall, hand sculpted and ready for new homes!

Day Of The Dead Doll

This beautiful art doll is perfect for any art collector. She wears a black spider web dress with black shoes and underwear. Her dress has lace trim. Doll’s hair is super soft with one black flower at the part. It has black beads and a crystal in the middle. Her forehead has three black gems.

Doll is about 11 inches tall. She is a solid art doll but her arms can move.