General Questions

Where can I buy your art?

I only sell my artwork on Etsy under shop name MoodyMisfits or through direct email via my contact page on my website. ( My only email address is jade [@] moodymisfits.com – minus the brackets and spaces. )

If you see my artwork being sold anywhere else, please use caution. There have been a lot of fake websites popping up and pretending to sell my artwork. This is also happening to a lot of other artists. Please be careful who you buy from!

How big are these?

They vary. Depending on the style of art, they range anywhere from 2 inches to 16+ inches tall.

Can I order a custom doll?

Yes?! You can but it depends on how busy I am at the time. Please email me with your request and we can go from there!

Can I order fan art?

No. Sorry but I do not make fan art or remakes of copyright characters. If you want an original piece made that is my own or something you drew, please email me and we can see if it’s doable. Thanks!

Product Questions

How should I care for my Moody Misfits?

Please have a warm blanket and dinner ready when your Moody Misfits arrive. They had a long trip and will be cranky and hungry.

After that, keep them dry and out of direct sunlight. Care for them as you would with any other art piece. Be gentle! These are works of art and are not made for children or to be played with.

Sales & Shipping Questions

Do you ship to my country?

Yes! I ship worldwide. Once you add your items to your cart, you can see how much shipping will cost.

I sent the wrong shipping address. Now what?

Please message me as soon as possible with the correct address. I can change it as long as I haven’t paid shipping or shipped the package. If it’s too late, you will have to set up a re-route with your post office. If you cannot do that then we will have to wait for the package to return to me before I can reship. (Please note: customer will have to pay for new shipping costs)

Where are you located?

Alberta, Canada.

How long with it take for my item to arrive?

All orders are packaged and shipped within 2 business days.

Shipping times are an estimate:
USA: 2 weeks
Canada: 1 week
Everywhere Else: 2-3 weeks

– Some international locations may take longer due to customs.
– Rural areas also take longer.
– Shipping time may vary around major holidays.

I didn’t pick up my package in time. Now what?

If a package arrives but does not get picked up in time, the post office will Return To Sender. If this happens, the customer will be responsible for reship charges once the package has returned to me.