We’re a bunch of cranky Misfits yearning to belong. We are seeking companionship.. will you embrace our strangeness into your life?

Little Voices Calling Your Name
Do you ever hear little voices calling your name in the night? Feel a little tug on the bed sheet while you sleep? That might just be a Moody Misfit trying to get your attention! They are reaching out to you.. begging to have a place in your heart and to live together with you in your dwelling!

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πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ Welcome to Moody Misfits πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
Home of the best creepy and cute handmade art dolls + sculptures.

Each piece is designed and created from scratch. Moody Misfits loves bringing to life strange little monsters and creepy, eerie characters. While Moody Misfits does have a gothic side, there are also times when super cute and colorful creatures emerge from the darkness. With each piece being so different from the next, you’re sure to find a one-of-a-kind unique gift for yourself or a friend.

You can look forward to quality handmade designs. All Moody Misfits are made with care; hand sculpted, hand painted, sealed and dressed in only the best materials available. If you like unusual looking art and ghoulish things, you will enjoy Moody Misfits!

Jade Perez is the artist behind Moody Misfits. She’s into creating a world where cute and creepy collide. Jade crafts unique Misfits that can swing between spooky and adorable, depending on her mood. She uses a mix of baked and air-dry clays to give each creation its own gothic vibe. What makes Jade stand out is her knack for finding beauty in the gloomy and unusual. If you’re curious to explore her mysterious Misfits world, come on in and enjoy the ride!

After exploring countless stores without finding a perfect match for your personality, you’ve stumbled upon Moody Misfitsβ€”a place where your gothic style fits right in, making you feel right at home!

Stay a while, and let the dark allure of our Misfits home envelop you. At Moody Misfits, you’re not just a guest; you’re one of us.

The Moody Misfits Family